The emotional roller coaster that is being single in your 20’s.

Let’s face it, when you’re single there are so many up’s and downs. So why not get yourself a cuppa because what you’re going to see next is the emotional roller coaster of every singleton in their 20’s.

You’re okay with being single…being independent. 

You kinda start to get bored.

Soo bored.

You end up on Tinder….

You regret being on Tinder.

From time to time a potential guy/girl you have been seeing falls off the face of the earth. 

Sometimes you don’t know how to ‘end’ courting someone who you aren’t really into…who hasn’t really gotten the hint. 

Romantic movies are now too romantic that you no longer watch them incase you become overly emotional at the disaster that is your love life. 

You look around and EVERYONE is in a relationship all of a sudden. 

From time to time you partake in eating your own emotions therapy.

Sometimes you go from wanting a relationship to binging a commitment phoebe in the space of a few hours.

At times you have to remind yourself of the important message that the movie ‘He’s not that into you’ teaches us. 

You meet up with your friend, who brings the significant other along and shoves their coupleness in your face. 

Seeing romantic Instagram couple photos makes you sad. 

You being to believe that you will be single forever.

You contemplate life as the crazy cat lady.

You feel from time to time dating is far more effort than it’s worth.


You start planning how to avoid valentines day so you don’t feel single on the 14th of Feb…oh the horror!

When people ask ‘why are you single?’ 

Why beards are so hot is something that alludes you.

You reach a point were:

You realise just how stupid guys in their 20’s are. 

Like I mean so stupid! 

Becoming an expert at picking yourself back up again after a emotional spiral is a necessity. 


You contemplate about asking your friends to set you up on a date.

You discover that they don’t even have anyone for you….resulting in: 

At times you irrationally lose your sanity and spiral into an uncontrollable ‘why am I single’ emotional break down, after watching ‘When Harry Met Sally’

You’re okay with being single…again, you have wine. It’s all good. 

And then it starts all over again. 

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