Mac Warm Neutral Palette – Review

mac warm neutral palette, review, beauty, blog, mac, makeup

There are so many neutral palette’s out there. As wonderful as this sounds it’s quite the challenge to find the perfect one for you. Sometimes the base shade is too dark or the darkest shades just don’t cut it. 

mac warm neutral palette, review, beauty, blog, mac, makeup

When Mac first revealed that they were going to release two neutral palette’s in January 2014, I knew I just had to get my paws on them. I was even lucky enough to get my paws on the warm neutrals palette before it was released in Ireland….it’s only taken me the best part of a year and a half to write this review…I suppose that does make me a very diligent blogger…no?

The purpose of these types of palettes is that you have every look you could need in the one space. These work in theory. I guess they work better for the average joe, however if you are fond of experimenting this is quite often not the case. Regardless of this, these palettes are great, they are designed to be versatile so you can go from day to night in a swirl of a brush.

mac warm neutral palette, review, beauty, blog, mac, makeup, mac

The key is to pick up a palette that complements the colour of your eyes. Cool tones of course suit blue, grey eye while browns and greens complement the warm tone palette perfectly. 

With Mac of course there are high standards. For both palettes the shadows were carefully selected by the top makeup artists. 

mac warm neutral palette, review, beauty, blog, mac, makeup, mac

Overall the palette is strong, you can achieve countless looks with it, you have 15 shades to choose from so of course that is expected. The only downside is that the pans are glued to the palette, this is something I really wish the Mac gods hadn’t done. It is safe to say this palette has become my go to!

 Have you used the palette? What are your thoughts on it? 

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  • Reply hannahmcmartin

    This looks like a beautiful palette, great review! x

    05/21/2015 at 2:32 pm
  • Reply Grace Ziegfeldgirl

    some great looking shades in there! i have the cool neutral palette. i really liked it at first, but over time i have been reaching for it less and less. some of the shadows are a bit chalky and patchy, and a lot of the shades are very “samey”. i actually think the shadows in the cool neutral palette are of a different quality to the single mac eyeshadows that you buy. it’s certainly a great palette to have to bulk up your eyeshadow collection but i think i would prefer to make up my own mac palette over time.

    05/22/2015 at 9:41 am
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