Summer Skincare Routine

With summer finally here (kinda), this means a change in our skincare routines. With a change in weather, it’s always important to reconsider the skincare products you’re using to ensure they suit your skin’s needs. Here is my current summer skincare routine:

Firstly, it’s important that I start with explaining my skin type. I have combination skin but can be dehydrated depending on the time of year. If you’re not sure what your skin type is, the blotting paper test is a great way to find out. Simply cleanse your face, then wait an hour and apply blotting paper (or tissue) to each area of your face. Based on the amount or lack of oiliness you see, you can determine your skin type.  Dry feeling skin, with little to no oil on the paper = Dry, Oil on paper from forehead, nose & chin = combination t-zone, Oil on paper from entire face = oily skin.

As you would expect my day time and night time routine do differ. Not that much mind! I also sometimes change things up based on other skincare needs.

Summer Skincare Routine

Here’s my daytime summer skincare routine.

I cleanse with Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, this is one cleanser I buy time and time again. Not only does it clean my skin but it doesn’t strip away the oils that my skin needs. This is a wonder cleanser, ideal if you live in a city not only does it help to remove those nasties and protects against free radicals thanks to the C & E vitamins, it also helps to restore the skin thanks to Starflower Oil (Omega 6), Magnesium and Vitamins B2 and MSM (helps to detoxify the skin along with reducing inflammation). I pat my skin dry, and move onto one of my favorite parts of this routine; applying Bioderma Hydrabio Serum, this is great for giving my skin the hydration boost it needs. You can read the review in full here. I then move on to my eye cream (when I remember to apply it) RODIAL Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel, containing hyaluronic acid really good for hydration and plumping the skin, it also works well at reducing puffiness and opening up the eyes. COLBERT MD Nutrify and Protect, is my moisturiser, this is great for combination skin as it has helped to balance out my slightly oily skin. It’s also good for protecting your skin against free radicals and it claims reverse sun damage. Last but most defiantly the most important is SHISEIDO Urban Environment UV Protection Cream, what I find tricky with sunscreens is that they can ruin how your foundation sits on your skin. With this, it’s not the case, I actually used it as my primer and it works beautifully!

Summer Skincare RoutineSummer Skincare Routine

My night time regime.

Is pretty similar to daytime, I don’t feel the need to change much besides my serum. This is a high considerate vitamin c serum. Vitamin C is fantastic it helps to encourage your skin to boost it’s natural production of collagen and is claimed to reverses the damage from UV rays (aka free radicals) You gotta love the stuff.

Summer Skincare Routine

Exfoliation regime.

You may have noticed that I haven’t included an exfoliator. May people feel you should exfoliate twice a week. However this can do more damage than good as you could be removing healthy skin, thus disrupt the PH balance of your skin, that can results in your skin breaking out or even becoming dryer as a result. Because of this, I switched to using glycolic pads. I get a dry patches from time to time. These pads target that stubborn dry layer of skin and leaves your healthy skin alone. It can take time to get used to the sensation, the more you use the less it stings. Unlike other exfoliator’s this gives results instantly, hello silky smooth skin! I use MALIN + GOETZ Resurfacing Glycolic Pads  once a week. However I only use it when I feel my skin needs it…always listen to your skin.

What is your skincare routine? Have you used any of the above products?

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