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True craftsmanship is something that can be difficult to come by in today’s fast fashion society. We’re busier than ever, flexibility and versatility in what we wear and carry is now a requirement, but style as ever is king. This is where my love for Manu Atelier was born. Not only do the two daughters of one of Istanbul’s innovative and leading craftsmen, Adnan Manastir create beautiful works of art, they tailor to the needs of the modern woman.
Manu Atelier - Mini Pristine green review Manu Atelier -Mini Pristine green review

My need for a smaller, more compact bag has come to fruition thanks to my London commute. The amazing power of a bag that can essentially fit ones life into a compact 18cm wide space is quite fabulous.

Manu Atelier Mini Pristine green review

The craftsmanship of Mini Pristine is undoubtably present, what drew me to Manu was the structure of the messenger bag while  the beauty and simplicity make it unique and desirable. The box shape silhouette of the Mini Pristine allows for a level of versatility to be reached that isn’t found in many bags this size, the secret is in the depth ensuring that you can bring your purse along with you on your adventures, something that smaller bags fail to cater for.

Manu Atelier Mini Pristine green review Mini Pristine green review Manu Atelier

The colour is of course flawless, a vegetable tanned untreated leather, so with age it will only get better. The green is so vibrant and suits my current colour pallet down to a T. Often with living in a city, practically can outweigh style when it comes to an investment buy. Here both components meet beautify with simple features that are often overlooked, such as an adjustable strap and interior zipped pocket, while on a personal note, my iPad Mini fits perfectly. The Mini Pristine by Manu Atelier is sure to be a love that will survive many a commute.

Do you own a beloved city living bag that meets all your needs? What do you look for in an investment handbag?

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  • Reply Lauren

    So pretty! I much prefer smaller bags like this than carrying around something so bulky, especially in the summer!

    06/27/2016 at 9:17 am
    • Reply thecontouringchronicles

      Thank you! 🙂
      Totally true, you can just hop from one thing to the next without having to worry about breaking your back or something!
      Thank you for reading xx

      06/27/2016 at 12:19 pm

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