7 tips on how to make a bad day better

tips on dealing with a bad dayWe all know that life isn’t all roses and buttercups, bad days do happen and it’s easy to let those days take over our mood. There was a time that if something happened that didn’t my way it would totally ruin my day. I would focus on it and let it manifest and take over my day. With a lot of growing and some life experiences, I began to learn that I could manage how I felt about situations that I didn’t really have control of. This way I’m now able to ensure that one bad thing won’t make the rest of my day crap.


Who doesn’t I love a good list? When it comes to a bad day, I always make a list of things that I’m thankful for. This allows me to assess just how big the current issue is. Obviously, not everything is going to be a small thing. However, for the more minor bumps in life, this helps as it takes me back out of my tunnel vision and put things into perspective.

What are the positives?

No matter how crap things are there are positives, it’s just a matter of recognising them. This doesn’t have to be something related to you directly, perhaps something good happened to one of your friends. Focusing on something like this can help change your perspective.

Do what makes YOU happy

By this I don’t mean go on a big shopping spree, retail therapy often covers up the current issues. I often find just being by myself can sometimes be the best thing, it allows me to really think things through. Even just having a movie night or a bubble bath can do you the world of good.

Avoid comfort foods

It’s so easy to seek comfort in food especially junk food. It provides a false comfort and it’s easy to slip into a spiral of crap food. Sometimes you just need to give in and have that pizza, but make sure you have healthy alternatives such as a packed lunch for the next day. If you eat nutritious food will not only help your mood but can help you avoiding that spiral of junk food.

Time of the month

As for the ladies in the room, around the time our period is due we can be slightly more sensitive to situations happening around us. This one time when I interviewed for a job, all was going great and it was between me and one other person. I got a call and the news wasn’t good. Usually, I’m pretty level-headed when it comes to rejection, but I was very close to bursting into tears and  in Top Shop of all places!  I seemed totally irrational to me, yet I just couldn’t pull myself together. Needless to say, I was in a horrible mood, I had plans that evening and one of my dear friends had to drag me out. Which brings me on to


When it comes to your close friends. They are the ones that are there to support you trough the bad and the good, regardless of what that might be. I didn’t always share what was going on, which for me, made things worse on a wider scale. Where as if I had called them up and told them that I was upset or pissed off over something it would have halfed the load. As the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem solved. One great thing about sharing your problem is that you can gain a different perspective on a situation which can, I some cases can bring your bad day to an end.

Work it out

As a fitness fan, I can say that going to the gym or even a walk can help so much! Of course, this depends on why you’re having a bad day. For smaller issues working out can help take your focus of the issue giving you time to deal with it on a subconscious level. It’s also a great way of getting some of that anger out meaning a better workout (most of the time).  For me this usually works 99% of the time, I haven’t been going through the best time as of late and am finding it hard to 1, find the motivation to hit the gym but 2, Even when I do, I don’t feel hugely better.


These are tips and tricks that have worked for me in the past. Everyone is different so something that may work wonders for me might not for you. In saying this, I would love to hear what tips and tricks you have in helping to improve your mood. What tips and tricks do you have when facing a bad day?

What tips and tricks do you have when facing a bad day?

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