Embroidered Shirts

Embroidered everything!

This has to be one of the funnest trends we’ve seen filter its way down to the high street. The beauty with this, is it’s something that everyone can incorporate into any wardrobe! When I first saw this trend re-emerging from the 00’s I was slightly concerned that it would results in flashbacks to flared bootcut jeans with floral and rhinestone embroidery (the horror!). As we’re just on the cusp of Logos being the big next thing, we thankfully dogged a bullet!

Here are my picks, of just some of the wonders that you can get your paws on –


Mango striped poplin blouse


My Pair of Jeans embroidered shirt


Giraffe embroider dip shirt 


Zara Floral Shirt 

How to style:

Just like any outfit, you need a focus point. In this case allow the shirt to do the talking. Jeans, a denim jacket with flats or runners will work beautifully for a casual look. While for something more business casual, take the white shirt by My Pair of Jeans (no need to tuck in) and pair it with tapered black trousers ideally a matching blazer, (however the length of the shirt will draw the eye away from the mix match of texture between the trousers and blazer) to finish black heels or flats.

The same rules apply to embroidered jeans, jumpers, blazers etc.

Happy styling.

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