Smear for smear

One of our biggest downfalls, as young hip 20-something year olds is that we think we’re invisible. Things don’t apply to us. When you finally get your ass in gear to go for a routine smear test you expect everything to be fine. You’re 25. Young. Healthy. You’ll be fine. Right?
Except for when it’s not. When you’re told that you need a biopsy. It’s then that you realise how far away from invisible you truly are. Thankfully for me it wasn’t cancer. I’m very fortunate to say that my cervical cancer scare – was that – a scare.
It shows that you really never know what’s going on until you get a smear test. Regardless of how young and invisible you think you are. So I urge you to go and get tested, so that at least you know!
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